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With an ever increasing number of motorcycles being registered in Britain's roads every year, both being used to beat traffic jams but also for leisure. There are many motorcycle dealers located in towns and cities the entire length and breadth of the UK who will no doubt have the perfect type of motorcycle for you and what purpose it will be ridden for.

In their earliest form, the first petrol fuelled motorcycles have been in existence since 1885. First invented by Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach in Germany, the 'Reitwagen' was unlike many other designs of the day as it had 2 outrigger stabiliser wheels to help it stay upright whilst turning as it did not incorporate the motorcycle dynamics that were developed nearly 70 years earlier.

Modern motorcycles fall into many different categories with many designs for each. Typically there is seen to be 3 main categories that then have many sub sections.

Street, Off Road and Dual purpose motorcycles are seen as the main types. Street bikes include mopeds, scooters, sports/superbikes and cruisers. Off road motorbikes such as motocross bikes are used for mainly racing over rough terrain and dual purpose bikes feature both off-road capabilities with the comfort of a road going bike.

There are many manufactures of motorcycles across the world who produce either specialist purpose motorcycles or have a wide variety in their range, some of the most well knows include Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha, Harley Davidson and Ducati.

With so many motorcycles available to every different type of rider, it is important that you find the right motorcycle dealer to find the perfect motorcycle for you.

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